Garage door opener w/ Vivint system

Hi all,

Looking to pick up the LiftMaster 828LM gateway for remote management of my garage doors.

Before I buy this, I’d like to explore options of controlling and monitoring my garage doors through integration with my Vivint system.

Are the LiftMaster gateways compatible in any way with any tweaking, or is there a better solution out there? I have two doors to control.



The big question would be do you have the Sky panel, or the Go!Control panel? One does not use The other does. We would be unable to give advice on compatibility with non systems.

I’ve got the Go!Control Panel.

You would need to verify with your service provider any limitations on your service plan, but if your system is using as the remote service platform, yes, Liftmaster MyQ equipment integration is possible.

Gotcha. I would think no limitations but could be wrong. I’ve got their top package and was able to integrate a Resolution Products driveway sensor and GE z-wave light switches in the entire lower level of the house.

Was looking for best solution for integrating an opener into the environment.

The MyQ service is integrated directly with the back-end, not with the Alarm panel locally (unlike Zwave or Sensors) and needs to be enabled on accounts. If you see a “Garage” section under your Automation (empower) tab in, it is enabled.

Gotcha, thanks! I’ll do some digging to see.

Gotcha. I would think no limitations but could be wrong. I’ve got their top package

Yep, you would be wrong. Been a couple years since I left Vivint… but I think the following still holds true.

Vivint doesnt allow their customers to run the newest firmware, and keeps the gocontrol on 1.9.6 (and usually most customers are running firmware below that), which is as of right now, four versions out of date. Current firmware is 1.13.

For Vivint users, there are no second generation PIR motions with built in infrared cameras (Image Sensors), No GEO location services, no wireless broadband internet bridge capability, no wellness, no energy metering, etc.

By default, Vivint users, are not even offered Gold plans.

If you run into problems, Liftmaster MyQ can always be used with its own Liftmaster remote App until such time you decide to join the DIY side.

Thanks Jason! I was thinking that app is also a given option, but was hoping to integrate it all into one environment.

Appreciate the great help as always!

psinsyd, It’s definitely better having it in the app vs the chamberlain app. For one you don’t need to give the rest of your family new logins, and two the rules you can setup for automatically closing the garage door based on your arm state are great.

Totally agree, Donato. I’ll continue looking at my options, and also may look at moving away from Vivint to see if that opens up the door to this as well as other options as well.