Garage door on/off activity filter toggle is also toggling motion sensor activity on/off in mobile app

Within the activity monitor on the mobile app if I filter my garage door activity on/off it also filters my motion sensor activity on/off. This is frustrating as I don’t want to see motion sensor activity but do want to see my garage door activity.

I am having a little trouble trying to duplicate this, would you mind sending me a screenshot of the issue you are referencing in the app so that we can best assist?

These two screenshots should explain the situation better. As you can see I only have Garage Door checked in the filter, yet my activity tab shows some (not all) motion detection, motion idle, and door sensor activity. Why are those filed under the garage door filter? They aren’t related or physically close to the garage door. They also aren’t associated with the garage door in any way I can tell.

Ah, I see what you mean. It does seem like selecting Garage Door also includes the same details as selecting Sensor Activity for me. Even if there are no garage doors on the account in testing it looks like general sensor activity shows under that filter. We can let ADC know for resolution in an app update.