Garage Door - Double notifications

We have a myq compatible garage opener configured with for over a ear now and about a month ago started receiving two identical notifications (instead of just one) whenever the door was opened and closed. If i check the event history on it shows double events for the openeing and closings of the door.

Anyone have any idea why this is occuring?

We actually have had someone else mention this, and confirmed in ADC history. The MyQ system is actually registering two identical events, resulting in two notifications firing.

Can you try power cycling your MyQ Gateway? Any change afterward?

We dont have a gateway its all internal to the opener. Should i try poweribg the opener itself?

Yes, the opener would act as its own wifi gateway. Go ahead and power down the opener for 1 minute, then power back up.

Tried powering down a few times, no help. Today the notifications started going nuts and we were receiving over a dozen notifications for each event. So I’ve paused notifications for now.

Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall the opener from’s system? I’m unable to degister the opener myself it seems.

Yes, there is, but it must be done through the service provider currently. Would you like for us to delete that gateway for you at this time?

Yes please remove it.

Thanks for your help!

Commands have been sent to delete the gateway. Please wait about five minutes for commands to take effect.