Garage Door Didn't Close from Scene

Last night, my wife and I were going to bed and she selected scene “Sleep” from her phone in the app which arms stay our IQ Panel 2, turns off all our lights, and closes both garage doors. This is what we do every night. The difference is that tonight, we knew we had left one of the garage doors open (we’re usually good about closing it, and the functionality just adds some peace of mind). However, when we woke and left the house this morning, we noticed the garage door was still open. For some reason the command did not actually work. I logged into and can see at 10:34 pm, Apr-15-2019 there were 2 mobile commands issued to close garage door (one for each door).

Is the support team able to see anything on the back-end indicating why the command failed? I’m trying to get my wife on board with smart home tech, but it always seems that right when she’s about to be converted, it fails at a critical time. At the very least, I would expect to get some sort of error message or failure notification. At least our security system was armed, but I don’t like that we went to bed with a garage door open, as there’s an unlocked door providing access to the house immediately off of the garage.

We can see commands sent via the Sleep scene, and we can see that these commands were acknowledged by the overhead hub.

With a MyQ system, there are a few things to consider if you notice a case where the door is in a state you do not expect:

  1. If you have a universal hub that employs tilt sensors, be sure to change the tilt sensor battery every year. In fact one of the garage devices is showing a low battery status. This can impact reporting, causing the hub to have incorrect status for the door, and if a door is already being seen as closed by the hub, sending a closed command will not affect it.

  2. Garage doors have security eyes that must be in place for safety. If this eye was tripped while the door was closing this would result in the door reopening as normal.

The MyQ system I have does employ tilt sensors, but the door with the low battery alert was not the one that was left open. In a separate thread, I’ve inquired how to reset that alert since I replaced the battery with a brand new one a week or so ago but the tilt sensor is still showing low battery (erroneously).

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it’s not possible to identify exactly why it didn’t close as expected, because it could have been due to a couple of possible factors (like the security eye being tripped, and that wouldn’t be reported to the MyQ hub).

(like the security eye being tripped, and that wouldn’t be reported to the MyQ hub).

Correct, the app would just receive an open status, or perhaps no status change at all if the door did not move far enough to trip the sensor.

If the two doors and sensors were installed around the same time, I would recommend replacing the batteries in both at the same time. Battery reports on the MyQ tilt sensors have historically been not as reliable as security sensors, and effects of borderline low battery may occur without or before an alert.