Garage Door Controller

I have a Lift Master Professional Line Formula 1 garage door opener. Which z-wave device will work best with this opener? Also, will I need to subscribe to this service?


The Formula 1 from LiftMaster should be compatible with a couple different products. To confirm, what is the color of the learn button on the back of the motor head?

Either way, for control of the garage via one of these devices, the Gold Automation add on would be required.

I’ll check the color of the button this evening. In the event my door opener is compatible, are there any z-wave devices that are rated better than others?

There is only one Z-Wave garage opener, the Linear Z-Wave GD00Z

If the learn button is Orange, Red, Purple or Green, the GD00z should be compatible.

Other compatible garage openers would be MyQ gateways that connect via Wi-Fi. The LiftMaster MyQ gateway 821LM would be compatible with Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple or Green learn buttons.

Thanks Tyler, it will surely help in controlling the garage door.