Garage door automation

I recently installed a chamberlain garage door opener, but I need some help. The garage door has a tilt sensor, I want the door to close automatically when I arm the system. The problem is that before The Garage Door Closes The Alarm Is already set and causes the alarm to go off. Is there anything I can do without removing the tilt sensor?

We recommend using tilt sensors as non-reporting type for this reason and setting alerts for them. Then alarm monitoring door access into the home rather than connecting the alarm to the overhead garage door opening and closing. Often we see delays from the garage into the home to disarm as its easy to forget if you don’t hear beeping and if you’re distracted by a neighbor saying hello, getting dogs/kids/groceries out of the car etc.

If you do this and set up notifications around the status of the garage tilt, and you have a MyQ garage feature attached to your system, you can be alerted to the door being left open, etc and then have remote access to close it.

Some options on garage door monitoring are shown here.

Increase the (2) entry/exit delay so that it doesn’t actually arm until the GD is fully closed?

The only reason I got an alarm is to protect the contents of my garage, couldn’t imagine not having the over head door alarmed!

So I changed the exit delay to 120 seconds, but I have to bypass the garage door senor in order to arm the system. What I was trying to do is to arm the system from my smart phone, but when I do that there is no exit delay… guess I just have to close the garage door first, then arm the system.

As Amanda stated, the Resolution tilt sensor is prone to false alarming (they have been known to activate with a heavy gust of wind). If you are going to use a alarm sensor on the garage door might be better off using an overhead garage door reed switch wired to dw10…


Yeah, if you arm the system remotely with the garage door open it’s going to automatically bypass that garage sensor. I don’t know of a way to automatically close the garage door when the system is armed and also have the garage door security sensor be armed. You’ll have to close the garage door before arming. At least you can do both remotely.