Garage Door Automation Options?

Anyone know if there is something out that will allow me to control my garage door through my 2GIG’s z-wave functionality?

I want something that won’t disable my current garage door openers and I don’t want to have to search for my phone every time I get home.

suretyCAM was a beta tester for the Liftmaster integration and it works great! They are not Z-Wave devices, you plug the Liftmaster gateway into your Internet connection and it communicates wirelessly to the Liftmaster MyQ garage door openers. I don’t know what the wireless is but I’ve seen it working all the way across a house with no repeaters, much better range then Z-Wave.

I have to say, it’s freakin awesome watching it in action. My favorite use case…

Set up a garage door left open alert in Then you’re half way to work in the morning and you receive a notification that you left your garage door open. Send the command to close it from the app on your phone and problem solved. No need to turn around and drive home or to call you neighbor and ask them to close it for you.

Liftmaster garage door integration is available now and it’s included free with the suretyCAM Gold Interactive service.

Just what I am looking for! The Liftmaster thing seems really cool. But, my garage door opener is brand new, so I won’t be replacing it. I was hoping for something I can add to my existing opener.

I guess I will just add a tilt sensor and set up an alert for when its left open for now.

They sell a kit you can use to add to your existing opener as long as it was manufactured since 1998. You need one gateway and then one panel for each overhead door.

What brands of garage door opener will it work with? It says it works with Liftmaster openers. I’m pretty sure that mine is not a Liftmaster.

It’s any Liftmaster compatible opener. The docs list LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Sears/Craftsman, Raynor and Access. Hope that’s good news for you.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on the website.

If I wanted to set up an alert to notify me if I left my garage door open, is the Liftmaster system all I would need? Would I also need a tilt sensor to hang on the door?

The Liftmaster system is all you need.