Garage door and ADC not syncing

I have the MyQ connected to ADC. If I open or close the garage door from outside ADC, i.e., the garage door remote control or keypad, ADC doesn’t consistely sync with the door status. Also, today, for reasons I cannot explain, I have received multiple open and close notifications even though no one has opened or closed the door since Saturday.

Is this a MyQ wifi universal hub and the door uses a tilt sensor? I would assume so as the issue is likely with the tilt sensor here.

If this is a new device, check the orientation of the tilt sensor and be sure it is firmly attached, right side up.

However, it looks like you are referencing a device that has been used for a while. Low battery levels with the tilt sensor are the cause of the vast majority of MyQ status issues. Replace that tilt sensor battery and test.