Furnace usage report from thermostats

Is there a way to get any reports of heat usage via the thermostat. I have a Nexia system and it provides a data dump that shows low and hi outside temp, average inside temp, hours heat was running. They then show a chart that reflects a daily weekly or monthly usage report of how much heat was running per thermostat. Is any reporting like this available. Please advise as I am in a very cold region of the country and I am looking to understand my heat consumption by heating zone. Thank you

Currently Alarm.com thermostats are not able to track the furnace on/off history or utilization like Nexia does. However, Alarm.com does have an energy management feature that compliments the thermostats feature very nicely. You can measure the actual energy used by each heating zone by kilowatt-hour or even directly in dollars. This might be a better solution for you than having to estimate those numbers based on when the furnace is running.

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