Front Point Migration

Apologies in advance, I did research some old posts but I am still unsure about one issue. I am out of contract with Front Point, I do have the latest and greatest hub they offer, would I have to purchase a new hub in order to order your monitoring? I believe I have the master code if that helps.

Thank You

Unfortunately yes u would have to replace the panel but u will get a lot better system than the toy frontpoint uses the panel u would need is the qolsys Iq panel 2 plus 319 do u have any cameras or automation

Thank you so much for your response! I do have sensors and do use automation, I do not have cameras connected due to the up charge Front Point charges for video. I am assuming my current sensors are compatible.

Yes ur sensors and z wave devices will be good to go u will save a lot of money with surety vers frontpoint I myself use to be frontpoint user until they changed to the hub

Thanks again for the valuable advice, I will be following your path, $55 a month is ridiculous for their plan.

I know and when u go to power down the old system u will realize how easy ur system is to disable

Just curious if anyone could direct me on how to reprogram my old contacts connected to the FrontPoint Hub to the new Qolsys IQ Panel. Thanks Again, I could only get information on how to program new sensors. Thanks Again!

u program them same way as new contacts or r u talking abo it changing a sensor type or somthing if that’s the case just go to edit sensor

Thanks Charlie, just wondering if I need to disconnect all the sensors from the existing Front Point Hub before switching them.

319.5 mhz alarm sensors are one-way communication devices that broadcast a signal, they don’t link to a specific panel like Z-wave devices do. They would not need to be deleted first, you could just program them directly into the new panel as is.

Thank You Jason, very appreciated.