Front Door Sensor saying open

Our front door sensor keeps going from closed to open when the door is staying shut and locked. We have hard wired sensors. So no batteries. We haven’t been able to set our alarm because when the door inevitably says it’s open it trips the alarm. We have never had this problem in the 2 years we’ve had this system and the sensors are lined up. Please help

Looks like this is regarding a wired zone that is used via a Hardwire 16 translator, correct?

There are some common reasons why this might happen, as well as uncommon.

When did this behavior start?
Is it only the Front Door experiencing it?
Is it a surface contact or recessed?

Seasonal changes can have an effect on the sensor. Materials swell and contract. I would first check the wiring first to make sure it is not loose at the connection to the sensor and the translator. If it got snagged or pulled for any reason you may have a loose or damaged wire.

Can you post a photo of the sensor and magnet?

Started a few days ago. It is Recessed. It’s only happening on the front door.

Did you check the wiring at the translator for loose wiring? I would cut, peel back fresh cable and reconnect the sensor wires. Any change?

Did you use 4.7kohm resistors on the zone circuits or did you use EOL learn mode for the 16F translator?

If you used the default 4.7kohm resistors you could swap the physical terminals of two of the zones to see if the issue follows the sensor circuit or stays at the zone input.

Question, I am not familiar at all with the wiring questions you’re asking. Are you under the impression I am the person who installed this?

Surety is a self-service provider where users install and maintain their own equipment.

Was the equipment already installed when you moved into the home?

The Hardwire 16 takes wired sensor zones and translates them into wireless signals sent to the panel. If a zone is opening intermittently, this is typically a wiring/resistance problem.

The first recommended step would be the same with or without knowledge of how it was installed originally. The first thing I would try is to remove the Front door zone wires and cut off the exposed end of the wire, then expose fresh wire and re-attach to the terminals/resistor.

This will help in the case of broken or otherwise damaged cable causing higher resistance, and also ensure that if it has loosened it is tightened down.