Front Door Contact Entry/Exit caused false alarm

I experienced a false alarm today on my system. The first activity shown was living room motion however the activity doesn’t show the front door sensor changing until 1 minute later. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? The front door was opened first which should have started the delayed entry countdown.


In dealer history I can see the panel did enter entry delay triggered by zone 1 prior to the motion detector going off. This looks like it is related to the issue in this thread.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the GC3 3.2 firmware that causes standard interior followers (zone type 04) to not function properly during entry delay.

2GIG is aware of the issue and resolving it for the next release we’ve been told.

In the mean time, a way around the false alarm issue is to program any motion detector you might cross during an entry delay as zone type Interior with delay (zone type 10). This will add entry delay to the motion detector itself and works around the bug.