Frame Rate on SVR122

So I just swapped out my old SVR100 which had a failed drive, to the SVR122. Why am I only able to configure a max of 5fps for my cameras on the SVR122 “local recordings”? I was able to go higher on the SVR100. The cameras are V521IR’s & V721W’s all with the latest firmware.

Sorry for the delay. I was looking into a few things about this. There should not be a difference between the SVR100 and SVR122 in the frame rate at which you can record. The frame rate is determined by the camera, not the SVR. The SVR can handle up to 30 frames per second.

Are these the exact same cameras you used with the SVR100? What frame rate were you recording at before?

These were the same cameras. The SVR100 allowed over 5fps in the setup. I had them at 30, but perhaps it wasn’t actually recording as such. The SVR122 only allows a max of 5 for these two camera models.

Camera max FPS for recording is different per camera. Most Wifi cams are between 5 and 10 FPS for max recording.

The commercial focused cameras like the V826 are typically POE and allow up to 30 FPS.

I can confirm that on the SVR the V521 and V721 have a max of 5 FPS currently.

Thanks - must have just been a glitch with the old SVR100 that allowed higher frame rate settings with these two models when originally setup 2 years ago. I wouldn’t say the video output from the old SVR100 was smooth… so I have no doubt it was actually using anything other than 5fps.

You’re right, I think originally the SVR let you set the maximum allowable FPS of 30, but the actual FPS used by the cams was still capped based on the camera model I believe.