Fortrezz Z-Wave Indoor Siren / Strobe SSA1

I have a Qolsys IQ Panel 4 (2GIG & Honeywell 345MHz) and trying to move my Fortrezz Z-Wave Indoor Siren / Strobe SSA1 to the panel. When I add it, it adds it as a light. It seems someone else had this issue here, but there was no resolution.

I have tried removing/adding it multiple times with no success

Unfortunately there is no way to manually assign a type when learning in a Z-wave device. The SSA1 is not found on the Qolsys compatibility list for the panel. I can forward this info to Qolsys for potential review and support in a future version.

You may be able to create alarm automation rules for lights, but it will not function as if it were successfully identified as a siren type (automatically following siren, etc).

If you could please forward it, I would appreciate it.