Force bypass activated motions?

When arming via the app, if force bypass is checked, will motions be bypassed if they are in active status?
Motions appear active for about an hour after they detect motion and it seems force bypass is automatically checked any time we arm remotely and motions are listed as active in our sensor list.

Sensors are bypassed based on their status on the panel, not in

I was having this issue recently as well after an update. It seems to have resolved on its own for reasons unknown to me. It was telling me certain motions were “open” and would bypass them. Ones that are absolutely, positively, not activated, like basement curtain motions and a PIR/image sensor set to deactivate during disarm. Hopefully yours will fix itself as well.

Interesting. When I attempt to arm when a motion is activated the force bypass option is checked. If there are no active motions, the box is not checked.
Is there a way to see which sensors are being bypassed if the box is checked?

When you arm, the sensors that are bypassed will be listed in history. I can confirm if you would like to test.

Thanks. Just armed with the force bypass auto checked. Can you take a look?
Will the bypassed sensors show in the history im able to view in history?

According to that last arming event nothing was bypassed.

Yes, you should see sensors listed as bypassed. Try a remote arming with a door open then check your activity page.

Mine is always checked no matter what, even if I haven’t been home for hour’s. If any sensors are bypassed it will give you an immediate message telling which sensors are bypassed.

Interesting— mine defaults to checked when a motion is active and unchecked if no motions active. Either way, nothing is bypassed except for actual NC sensors that are open at time of arming.