Flurry of devices going offline/malfunctioning

I’ve started adding more window sensors to my Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ and as I’ve done so I’ve had not only some of those devices fail, but some of my motion sensors (which previously have never failed) start to go offline from time to time. I’m starting to get frustrated with this system as I’ve never had so many issues with supervisory signals with an alarm before. I’m tempted to increase the supervisory interval from 4hrs to 12 since at this point it’s just annoying. When I see a sensor is “offline”, I just go and trigger it and it functions fine every time. Open/close signals get through but supervisory does not, apparently.

As for the window sensors themselves, I’ve basically accepted that I can’t do anything about them as the window frames are aluminum and basically must be aluminum in my area.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Looks like these are all 319.5 sensors right? The IQ Panel 2+ has a narrow white sensor antenna that should be routed out the back of the backplate.

Do you have the panel mounted to the wall? If so this antenna should be in the wall. If the white antenna is inside the housing or pinched in the backplate it can reduce its capability.

Yes, I believe they are 319.5. Interesting. I have the antenna routed through the back of the plate but laying on top of the panel outside the wall. There is, however, a hole behind it where the previous alarm panel hooked to ADT’s stuff. Should I just route the white antenna wire into the hole and leave it there, then, instead of out in the open?

I’m having a hard time imagining that. The white sensor antenna comes out near the bottom of the panel, if you have it running up the wall behind the plate with the plate screwed to the wall you may be pinching the cable, it should generally be run into the wall behind the panel.

The only potential issue with in-wall placement is if there are line voltage wires just behind the panel. Those can interfere.

That appears to have resolved the majority of my issues! I frd the antenna behind the drywall and almost all my sensor failures went away overnight.

Thank you!

I say “almost” all due to what appears to be too much metal (steel, i think) around the only sensor that complained once, and ill just have to live with it if it ever complains again.