Florida Central Station Monitoring

Hello Tech Support,
When I started subscribing to DIY, Florida central station monitoring was not offered.

I’m reading through the threads and it’s unclear if you’re now offering central station monitoring in Florida.
If you do, will you send a certificate for ins. purposes?

Let me know so I can upgrade if you do CS monitor and send the Ins. Cert.


Happy to help! If you are a current suretyDIY user and wish to add central station monitoring to your service plan, please request by sending an email to customerservice@suretyDIY.com.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded this request to our customer service team, you should get a response email shortly.

Insurance certificates can be downloaded from the Alarm Subscriptions page of your suretyDIY account after 24/7 CS monitoring is included in your plan.

After CS monitoring is added, you can find this within 24 hours by accessing your account, clicking Alarm Subscriptions, and clicking View to the right of your active subscription. The link to download your certificate would be found there.