Flood Sensor Installation problem IQ Panel 4

Hello Team …

I have an IQ Panel 4 installed with a variety of window, door, shock and motion sensors. No issues.

I went to install a couple of Flood Sensors and 30-60 minutes after install I got a false water warning. I first went with the supervised (38) and then to (25 - unsupervised) mode to avoid getting a call from Surety [very timely call by the way].

  • The first flood alarm set I installed were Ecolink TX-E611

  • The second set I installed were alula Resolution RE118

Both installed easily, but had the same false warnings.

Any help you can provide? What am I doing wrong?


When you programmed them, did you program it as IQ Flood or Other Flood?

I tried both options. Same false alarm event occurred (with both types of sensors).

And both the supervised and un-supervised options. 4 combinations in total.

So that we can best assist can you post a photo of the panel programming screen for those zones?

I just readded the device in. See step by step screen shots.

I went with voice off to keep from annoying the household.

The RE118 is not actually found on the supported sensors list. The TX-E611 is though, can we test that one?

I’d like to see the programming for it and can you confirm the length of time before a false trigger occurs? Does it always happen after the same length of time?

Unfortunately, I returned them as they exhibited the exact same behavior.

Interestingly, I went on the Alarm.com site and it shows the device with an “activated” notation. Curious.

Can you let me know which flood sensors are confirmed?

I’ll also note when I get the alert on the RE118. I have the install screen time.

Here is a compatibility list. Devices listed under the 319.5 and PowerG sections would be compatible.

Flood options would include the PG9985, QS5536-840, QS5516-840, 60-744-95R, NX-695, TX-E611

Thx Jason.

Ordered a Qolsys from Surety.

At least I can return it if it doesn’t work.

Thanks, Pete

Items can be returned within 30 days of purchase only if equipment is still in full working order with no visible damage or wear and tear and is returned complete, in the undamaged original packaging.

Our return policy can be found here: General Policies - Surety