Flood Sensor False Alarm - Bad Sensor?

So, I’ve had a PG9985 flood sensor for 2 years working without issue. Last night, it started randomly going off.

  • I checked the sump pump and there was no water even close to the sensor.
  • I tested the sump pump with a hose and the pump is working as expected.
  • I replaced the battery with a brand new one on the sensor.
  • I used can air to blow off the sensor.
  • I rebooted the IQ4 panel.

However, the sensor still shows as activated/wet. Should I conclude at this point the sensor is faulty and replace it? Thanks.

If you delete the zone and relearn that sensor does it go back into activated status within a short time? if so, it does sound like the sensor or probe wire is at fault and likely needs replaced.

Is there any visible damage to the wire?

Just wanted to post an update in case anyone else runs across the same issue. I ordered a new PG9985. After doing some testing, it appears just the probe is faulty. I replaced the probe with the new one but kept the original PowerG sensor. I did some testing, and now it’s functioning properly again.

Not sure if you can purchase the probe separately?

I am not aware of the flood probe being sold individually, and a search is not turning any up. Glad to hear you were able to identify the issue.