Flood Sensor Alarm Type

Hi all, hoping this is an easy question. In the middle of the night last night our sump pump alarm (Honeywell Ademco 5821 flood/temp sensor) went off. It turned out to be a false alarm (which is another issue) but my problem here is that it triggered the standard intrusion siren - I’d rather not be running out in full fight or flight mode to discover it’s just a sump pump issue. So my question is, can I configure this to alert us differently, more like a problem notification rather than the intrusion siren?

If you program the sensor as “No Response Type”, you’ll be able to assign it a chime. Some of the chime options the 2GIG panel has are pretty obnoxious and should can be used in this way. The downside to doing this is that you will only get one notification at the panel that the sensor has tripped. It won’t be a constant alarm like what you have now. However, you can still get text notifications if the sensor ever does trip.