Flood Sensor 219

I had a power outage while I was out of town and my sump pump backed up water in the basement. When I got home the panel alarm was going off but did not get a notification on my cell phone. Do I not have something programmed right?

If you are not a Central Station Monitoring subscriber, check your notifications in Alarm.com.

Under the notifications tab, you should see “Alarm Notification” which will typically be the first listed. Check the following:

Do you have an Alarm notification set up?
Do you have specific sensors selected or all sensors? If specific, is the flood sensor selected?
Do you have Audible alarms selected?
Do you have it set to alert you at the correct contact methods? (by default it will be primary email.)

Here is what I have according to your questions above.

Alarm Notification:ON
Alarm Notification
When Alarm of type: Silent
Is reported by: Any Sensor
During this timeframe: Anytime
Recipients: (deleted by admin)
Warning: Do not choose to send a Duress Panic SMS or push notification to a potential Duress Code user.
Save Notification Cancel

If you only have “Silent” selected, that would be the reason. The aux alarm of the flood sensor is an audible alarm. It looks like it was filtered out. Can you select audible, wait ten minutes, then test?

Will this give me a notification on my cell phone. The panel alarm was going off when I got home, but I got no notification on my cell phone. That is what I’m trying to get so if I get a notification in the future it will send me something on my cell.

If you select your phone number (if input for SMS text) or Push notifications are turned on in your app and you select your phone as a push device in the recipient list, yes.

If you have your email contact in Alarm.com linked to the phone, that’s another method.

But the appropriate contact method must be selected in the recipients section and the type of alarm (in this case audible) can’t be filtered.