firmware upgrade will not finish

I have a vivint 2gig conrol panel with firmware V1.6. I am trying to update it to V1.10.1 but I have also tried V1.9.6 and V1.12 with no luck on either. I am using the 2GIG-UPCBL2 cable that I just purchased from suretydiy. I follow the directions exactly and it gets to the screen where it is pinging and saying not connected with the yellow bottom saying NO PANEL. There it sits as long as I let it. No message appears asking to confirm the update and no Red error message shows up. When I look at the text file it created on my computer it puts up a lot of information and the last line says resource count 660. I am running windows 7.

This is how to update a Vivint panel… Power down (disconnect battery and remove AC)…attach USB to PC, attach J4 to 2GIG panel, then watch video


If you still cannot update, or receive errors, then there is probably an issue with your PC. Make sure you properly installed the driver, and created the shortcuts on desktop using the proper com ports. For more info on this see:

Have you been able to update that firmware with the video assistance?

Yes I was able to get it updated. The video did the trick. thanks and I have everything done and it is on line with the monitoring and everything is working fine. Thanks again for all the help from everyone.