Firmware updates from an Apple/Mac

So I’ve got a first gen 2Gig panel and a Verizon module on the way to replace a Vivint 2.0 Sky Panel that I am locked out of and can’t have SuretyCAM monitor.

Question though. My household is strictly Apple–iPhones, Macs, iPads, etc. I know I will need to update the firmware on my new panel, but it looks like the cable Surety sells is PC only. What can I do?

The cable is USB for the PC, the issue is not the update cable, but the software which is listed in the 2GIG PDF’s as not supporting Mac OS.

Your option may be to pay to have it pushed to Panel OTA. (Current firmware is 1.10.1)

The Verizon module will require your panel have at least firmware v 1.9.4

Zwave lock fixes, Image Sensor support, etc, require firmware v1.10 and v1.10.1

How would I do the push to Panel OTA, and what does that cost?

You don’t. SuretyCAM has to do it via back end. And unless its changed, my understanding is you cannot get firmware v1.10, or version1.10.1 or any newer firmware via OTA (cellular over the air update) for TS1 touchpads.

What this means is if you have or get any touch keypads for your panel, you won’t be able to update the firmware without the cable, and if the firmware for ts1 and panel do not match, touch keypads will not work.

You may be stuck with firmware v1.9.6

My suggestion is if you are going to DIY your own system, that you go get a win7 netbook (runs less than $200) and the 2GIG update cable with ts1 4 pin adapter.

2GIG releases new firmware on the average twice a year, and a new firmware update release is imminent.

We charge $15 for an OTA firmware update. I’m definitely a proponent of using a firmware update cable instead of an OTA update because you buy it once and get all the future updates for free, and because it’s more reliable than an OTA update. Those OTA updates fail once in a while and drive us crazy when they do.

The update cable is USB. The update software is Windows only but it might work with a Windows virtual machine on a Mac. I’ve never tried it and I’d be curious to hear if it does. If not, they usually only release firmware 2 or 3 times a year so you may be able to borrow a Windows laptop from a friend when you need to.

Thanks Ryan.

I just went ahead and bought a cheap PC laptop so that I can accomplish this without having to go through any crazy gyrations. Our oldest son is a rising high school freshman so he can use a laptop anyway.

I ordered my wireless module from Surety a few days ago, and the Gold plan and firmware cable today. When I placed the Gold plan order I referenced the wireless module order #, so hopefully you can program/activate the module while it is en route to me?

Absolutely. Data entry processes orders for service (checking appropriate jurisdictions for central station emergency response, etc). If the survey was submitted after the office closed on Friday, it will be processed tomorrow morning when we re-open following the holiday weekend. Since you have ordered the module from us, we will already have the module number on file. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a follow up email.

For future reference, if you have a modern Apple computer with an Intel processor you can use something like VMware Fusion or Parallels to do this. I was able to upgrade my panels using Windows in a virtual machine on VMware Fusion seamlessly. If its a 1 time thing you could always use a trial copy of the software, but you will still need to install Windows on the “virtual computer” that runs in Fusion or Parallels.