Firmware Updates for 2gig

I have your monitoring service with the gold package.I was wondering if pushed out firmware updates for my 2gig or do I need to purchase the update cable? Is it worth upgrading the firmware from 1.9, I do use the Zwave features with lights, locks, and thermostat.

There are two ways you can upgrade your firmware. The first is through an OTA remote push from your provider. Due to the cellular usage involved, each update costs $15. The second is to purchase a 2GIG USB Firmware Update Cable & TS1 4-Pin Extender (2GIG-UPCBL2), which usually costs around $30. suretyCAM offers the firmware update software online for free, which you are welcome to use, regardless of where your 2GIG-UPCBL2 came from.

I’m a proponent of the later for a couple of reasons. First, over the air updates are not entirely reliable. They take longer, (allow for about 12 hours) offering opportunity for something to go wrong, and even without an obvious problem cause, such as loss of power, they don’t always “take”. Additionally, DIYers, who are generally more likely to take full advantage of new features as they become available, are more likely to update frequently. If you update twice, you’ve already spent the same amount a cable would have cost you. Once you have the update cable, you can update as much as you’d like for free. Also, it may be worth knowing that the software updates seem to take longer to become available as OTA pushes. (Right now you can download V1.10.1, but dealers can not yet push it remotely.)

As far as whether its worth an upgrade from 1.9? It depends more specifically on what you want to accomplish. V1.10 offers updates needed for use with Image Senors and Schlage locks, other updates from V1.9 primarily include improvements for cell module reliability. If you’d like an OTA update, just let us know.

Hey i just downloaded these files, there is no download for Macs??

Do they not provide the software for a Mac?

I only know of windows files, I used my mac to update it but had to use my parallels windows installation. This is not uncommon in the microprocessor world that they only support Windows.

This post goes over the Mac question.

You can possibly run a windows virtual machine in order to accomplish it on a Mac.

Or… go to best buy/OfficeMax and get a $70 windows 8.1 tablet to use for panel updates…

I use my Dell Venue 8 Pro with a micro USB to female USB cable

The HP Stream, and Digiland win8.1 tabs are dirt cheap…

For Mac users, I just downloaded a trial of Parallels Desktop and a trial copy of Windows. Installed both, and was able to upgrade Main CP panel and 2 TS1s to firmware 1.13 without any issues.

It’s a little bit of annoying process, still don’t get why it’s a custom cable rather than a simple USB --> MicroUSB like every other device I own, and that the TS1 needs the male adapter (which is rather loose in the socket when connected). Or, that the update software needs to have the COM port specified in the command line before running the app. So mid-90s, folks!

** Reminder to call and put the system in Test mode before opening the panel… I forgot, but so nice to hear from the monitoring service just 10 secs later! :wink:

Now, maybe, just maybe, the panel will learn AND remember my Zwave devices and setup via Vera.

Does one lose any configuration settings when updating?

No. Programming remains the same. Additional programming questions may be available depending on the firmware version.

Thanks Jason, I’ll order the cable today from the surety store.

I am interested in OTA firware update for my 2 Gig GC2 panel. My current version is 1.1.
I am interested in a
2gig BRDG1-900 Go Bridge IP Communicator which requires version 1.2 or higher

I am interested in OTA firware update for my 2 Gig GC2 panel.

If you are a suretyDIY subscriber and would like an OTA update, please request an update from our customer service team via Secure Message here. If you have multiple systems with suretyDIY please include the applicable address.

Is there a charge for push updates if you are running a Go Bridge?

Is there a charge for push updates if you are running a Go Bridge?

No. 2GIG OTA updates via broadband through the Go!Bridge are free of charge.