Firmware Update

I was just reading the directions on how to update my go panel from 1.9.0 to the current version. It says that my computer must have Windos XP or older. Is that still true, will the firmware update not support Windows 7?

It supports win7

Install driver package, create desktop shortcut, connect USB, go to device manager, see com port assigned, right click shortcut on desktop, properties, edit shortcut path (I.e., if com port 4, then add to end of path a space then -c4)

Then power down panel, connect cable, run app via shortcut, re connect battery connector, then ac power

Process is same for TS1 (but you need to use the 4 pin adapter), if using batteries, be sure to remove them first


The instructions say:

Your PC must be running Windows XP™ or later. Recommended packages include:
• Windows Vista™
• Windows XP 10™ (Service Pack 3)
• Windows XP 12™ (Service Pack 3)

and they haven’t been updated in a while because we normally use Windows 7 to update. I’d bet Windows 8 works too, can’t say that I’ve tried it personally though.

Rive/Ryan thank you for the clarification.