Firmware update via Linux

I need to update the firmware on my panel to work with the new 3G communicator, but I don’t have a windows machine. Has anyone been able to update the firmware running Wine or something else?

If you can run trial windows as a virtual machine you should be able to do it. MAC users have done this in the past.

I am not familiar with using Wine, but it sounds like it would work.

Or you can go to best buy or microcenter and get a $70 windows tablet, and use that. I use my $140 dell venue 8 pro tablet to do firmware updates.

You can do the same with a no contract, prepaid, no wireless service, windows phone (buy phone, use it as a WiFi 4"windows tablet). Walmart sells them for $30 or so.

In any event, make sure the device has a micro USB. You will need a female USB to microUSB adapter. These run approx. $4

I haven’t tried updating 2GIG firmware with WINE but I would guess that installing VMWare and downloading a Windows ISO from Digital River would be the sure fire way to do it. If you get it working with WINE please post a follow up. That would be cool.

Microsoft killed all digital river downloads for all windows versions including 7 and 8. 10 can be downloaded

And I was wrong, here is the 8.1 download:

Windows 7 (requires a retail product key to download media):

Virtualbox may work for creating a virtual machine, and is free. I am not familiar with Virtualbox or the level of USB support it offers, but it should work fine for this. Wine may not have the full driver/library support needed for the firmware updater to be successful. I have done all of my firmware updates for the 2Gig panel and TS1 using virtual machines on my Apple laptop, it should work just as well for a virtual machine on Linux if you have full USB driver support in setup.