Firmware Update via Cell

I was under the impression that firmware updates were available via cell. Is this not true?


Whether or not panel updates can be applied over the air would depend on the panel model. Some models like Simon panels/modules cannot be updated in this manner. If available, OTA updates over cell are typically very large and unfortunately carry a one time data charge.

It appears that this is referencing the 2GIG GC2? The 2GIG GC2 panel firmware can be updated in a few ways. First via Over the Air update (OTA). This can be achieved via cellular or via Wi-Fi if using the Go!Bridge. Each OTA update via cellular incurs a $10.00 Data Charge and can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to complete. Updates via the Go!Bridge would be free.

Alternatively, the firmware can be updated locally via the USB Update Cable. Steps to update via the USB cable can be found through the previous link.

Should an OTA update be needed, one can be requested via the Secure Message Tool. OTA updates are partially incremental so depending on your current version it may take more than one update to reach the latest version. Customer service will inform you in reply to the secure message if this is the case and verify whether you want more than one update.