Firmware Update Trouble

I am going through the video to update the firmware and am getting stuck around the :45 mark when I am instructed to find the communication port. I don’t see the same options on my computer as the video shows. What am I supposed to do here?

Do you have the cable plugged into the computer?

I’m guessing you are using a windows 8 OS?

I have not attempted a firmware update from a Windows 8 device, but you can create a Com port through the device manager.

Collapse all tree selections and select the Action tab at the top, choose “Add Legacy Hardware.”
Choose to select the hardware manually from a list.
Select “Ports, Com & LPT”
Select Communications Port.

Unplug the Update cable and plug it back in.

Expand the Com port section of the tree and right click on the new port. Can you take a screen shot of the properties menu to verify the cable is discovered?

I have used win8.1 to sucessfully update firmware.

Here is how it should be on windows 8/8.1

  1. Install driver (follow all prompts)
  2. Plug in/configure 2GIG USB cable (this should occur automatically)
  3. Open Device Manager (see image below)
  4. Edit path on shortcuts and add com port (in my case, it is COM3)

For walkthrough steps and video, see:

(DO NOT select communications port (COM1). That will be the wrong com port for the 2GIG USB cable. You want the “USB Serial Port”)

USB Serial Port

Once you get the above screen, then close it, power down panel, and watch the video below:

I just did this myself, and it may be worthy to mention when you install the driver, right click and install as administrator. I first just double clicked it and it opened, then closed a command line window without doing much. After running as administrator, it took a while for the driver to install and provided installation status.