Firmware update /radio status

Hello I just updated my panels firmware. While checking the radio status it shows 0/31 yet the color is green not yellow or red…any idea what might be wring… thanks

Is the panel currently in its original install location showing 0/31? When you updated the firmware, did the cellular module antenna become detached? You will want to check, power down the panel completely, transformer first, then battery and wait a full two minutes before powering back up. During that time, check to ensure that the antenna is attached to the cellular module firmly and that the cell module is also seated firmly/correctly. Then power the unit up, battery first then transformer. Then check again, any change?

What firmware version did you update to?

Same location…1.17.03…I’ll try what u suggested. Also, isn’t it suppose to have the suretydiy logo? It has the 2gig one now…

No, the logo missing is purposeful, see this post here for more information .