Fireplace Control

I am hoping to control my fireplace with z-wave and a remote. It has a low-voltage connection, originally just a toggle switch on the wall. I swapped it out for a knob-style timer years ago. Now, with all of the technology and options out there, I would like to take it a step further.

I currently have a 2gig Go!Control panel, although I do not know if that matters for this project. I have a few switches and thermostats programmed to it. I am thinking my best option is to get a dry contact switch ( and a minimote ( This way I believe I can setup scenes; one for on/off, then say one for 15 minutes, one for 30 minutes, etc. It also still leaves me the ability to turn the fireplace on at the wall switch/button. My questions would be:

  1. Will this work?
  2. Is there an easier way to make this work?
  3. Will everything work through the 2gig panel and the remote, or does it need to be one or the other?
  4. Anything else I am missing or should know?

As an aside, I do not know that the remotec contact switch is compatible with the Go!Control panel, although I would imagine so, as the same capability on a Mimolite is compatible.

The remote is a separate scene controller from the panel, so whatever is programmed into the remote would work separately from the Go!Control panel.

What you describe would work. I’m not sure of an easier way than a simple contact switch.

You can’t set up the minimote for time-based scenes that I am aware of.

“You can’t set up the minimote for time-based scenes that I am aware of.”

That is a bummer, and blows that idea out of the water. Thanks!

For 2GIG this would work best if you could find remote device that sends Honeywell/2GIG compatible wireless sensor contact signals when you press the buttons. That way you can program rules that control the relay like you want. I’ve tried this with a Resolution Products RE200 fob but if I remember correctly it didn’t work because the fob buttons only sent the “sensor opened” signal when the button was pressed but didn’t send the “sensor closed” signal when the button was released (or maybe it was vice versa). 2GIG/ needs both on and off signals to trigger automation. Maybe you can find something similar that fits the bill?

On a related note, I controlled the fireplace at my previous house with 2GIG and I also set up a White-Rodgers 3F11-170 thermistor in the fireplace that I connected to a 2GIG-DW10-345 transmitter so I could monitor whether the flame was actually on through It’s not what you’re asking about but I thought it was pretty cool.