Firefighters and 2GIG

I have a 2gig go system. They are telling me that I have to have a firefighter for each wired alarm. Is that true. Need to know right away before electrician comes. Do the firefighters have to be hard wired too.

Firefighters are audible fire alarm devices. If your smoke alarms/detectors are all interconnected (one goes off they all go off), then you only need ONE firefighter.

If they all go off independently (if one activates, but the others do not) then you will need one firefighter at EACH smoke alarm (or just replace them with 2GIG-SMKT2, 2GIG-SMKT3, or Honeywell 5808W3 smoke detectors).

Firefighters are not hardwired. They are wireless 345mhz


Installation/Programming/Testing For your electrician, here is the programming/installation instructions (test with smoke aerosol):

Testing the interconnected smoke alarm and Firefighter (alarm must sound three cadences or sound 9 distinct times, or sound continously for 30 seconds in order to activate firefighter module. You CANNOT use the smoke alarm “test” button).