Firefighter Sensor

I recently installed upgraded smoke detectors, which are very sensitive when cooking. This evening while cooking my smoke detector(s) went off, which intern triggered the firefighter sensor. I quickly cleared the smoke and got the detector(s) to shutoff. I received an email from suretydiy stating the pending alarm. In that email it goes on to explain a pending alarm and a dialer delay, however it also states that the delay doesn’t apply to a smoke sensor. My question is even though I cleared the alarm quickly shouldn’t I have received a call from the monitoring station, since there is no dialer delay for smoke sensor ? Last time this happened it took me a little longer to clear the smoke inturn triggering the sensor along with my panel. That time I received a call and had to put my code into the panel. Is there a delay from the sensor to trigger the panel affecting the monitoring station to be notified?

If you get a Pending Alarm notification that means that dialer delay is in effect on the zone that was tripped. So, ADC received a dialer delay alarm from the panel but it was disarmed within the countdown.

Now, the strange part here is that the message is correct, you shouldn’t even have the option of setting a dialer delay with fire zones.

Looking at the programming that your panel is reporting to the back end, it appears however that the fire zone does indeed have dialer delay active. This is likely a bug of some kind with the 2GIG Panel on the older firmware version currently running on the panel.

If you go into programming locally, navigate to the fire detector zone, does it provide the option for dialer delay if you scroll down through the available options? It shouldn’t.

I don’t have any 1.13 panels to try it on, but I’m going to try to replicate this in a couple ways.