Fire detection in garage

I am considering a Honeywell 5809 for the garage. Its a heat sensor with capabilities to measure rate of rise. The ‘heat’ zone on the 2gig heat/smoke detector only seems to measure temperature. The RE205/RE219 also seem to measure temperature.

Has anyone ever used a 5809 on a 2gig system? Is this a good solution to monitor for fire in a garage? Perhaps a kitchen as well or near the furnace? In reading about heat detectors it seems you want to monitor a fixed temperature in some situations and rate of rise in others.

FYI in my research I found out something interesting by contacting Resolution Products. The RE219 manual says ‘NOTE: Sensor reacts within 3 seconds when cover is off; 30 seconds when cover on.’ The RE205 doesn’t have this note, I contacted Resolution Products and they said the RE205 will react immediately. The Honeywell 5821 environment monitor says the high temp condition needs to exist for 10 minutes before it will trip!

I use a photo/heat (SMKT2) detector in kitchen/dining rm

As for garage the issue is that if you have a car in there, the exhaust will set off the detector…another issue is temp

If it is an attached garage, just use the heat zone. If you use smoke or smoke/heat, don’t park car in garage (unless you want the fire trucks rolling to your house)

The 2GIG SMKT3 are better because you can individually program a heat sensor loop (loop 2) if say you want a heat detector only in the garage. Its a ROR (rate of rise) and fixed temp heat detector @135° F.

I do not know if the Honeywell 5809 is programmable as a separate heat zone loop or not

Also, you are confused on rate of rise versus fixed temp.

All residential heats are ROR/Fixed 135°

You can get commercial Fixed heats, once you activate it, its no good anymore and has to be replaced. ROR’s can also have this happen if too much heat is applied (say when testing with heat gun or heat lamp)

The way it works is if the rate of the rise (heat/temp increase) hits a threshold device activates. Fixed refers to the element that “melts” at (usually) 135° F. Once the element melts/breaks, detector is no good as it cannot be reset.

In otherwords, if say it gets hotter than 136°F in your garage, the heat element will melt/break, and detector will activate. When it is all said and done, you will also be replacing the detector.

Most fires well exceed 135°F (the average house fire burns at 1,000°F)

SMKT2 Fixed 135°F element:

Interesting. When I cited the ‘2gig heat/smoke detector’ in my original post, I was referring to the one sold by suretycam. It appears to be 2GIG‐SMTK3‐345 and the instructions linked to don’t make any mention of rate of rise:

Thats why I was thinking about the Honeywell 5809 - I liked that it had both RoR and temperature. Whats weird is you mention SMTK2 - when I look at the manual for your smoke, it does mention rate of rise capability:

The 2gig website makes no mention of rate of rise, but it doesn’t mention SMTK2 vs SMTK3 either:

I’m wondering if you have a nice heat detector (RoR and fixed temp) but the latest smoke detector offering from 2gig does not include Rate of Rise?

I edited above post. All the 2GIG smokes are ROR/Fixed (you can tell they are fixed by the “element”). All residential heats are rate of rise.

The difference between SMKT2 and SMKT3 is a SMKT2 is single zone photo smoke/ROR Fixed heat, a SMKT3 is three independently programmable zones for photo smoke/ROR Fixed heat/ freeze

You can test it with a hair dryer to verify it is ROR. Just be very careful not to melt element

How come the SMTK2 manual specifically says right at the beginning:

“In addition to the photoelectric detector, the unit contains an integrated fixed
135° temperature and rate-of-rise heat sensor that will send an alarm signal
based on temperature detected.”

But the SMTK3 manual says nothing about rate-of-rise or a 135° fixed temp alert? That leads me to believe it doesn’t do those things. Why would they remove that from the documentation if those features still exist?

I guess I should ask 2gig for clarification

The SMKT3 is exactly the same, just with added freeze and seperate zones


Maybe Jason can verify the SMKT3 ROR with a hair dryer…and visual inspection of detector for “element”

While you may be correct, it would be nice to see the rate-of-rise or fixed 135F temp capabilities of the SMKT3 documented anywhere. I can see telling the fire department now - well, a guy on an internet forum who I’ve never met before said it would work! :slight_smile:

I like spec sheets!

The spec sheet tells your its at least an ROR (if only fixed, device would not be resetable after activation by heat)

(I do not have one handy, so cannot verify the fixed aspect)

ROR heat test method:

Just simplify this…

Smkt3 in kitchen program loop1 and loop2 (loop3 optional)
Smkt3 in attached garage program as loop2 only

Programing walkthrough:

The SMKT3-345 uses both Rate-of-Rise and a supplementary integrated fixed 135 degree element.

I agree that 2Gig did a poor job with the instructions and spec sheet (The spec sheet reads like a sales brochure).

Newer versions of the instructions packaged with the device have the heat rating listed.

Also, see attached.