Fire Alarm Monitoring

Recently my fire/heat/freeze.detector was indicating low battery. In looking at the detector it had an EOL of 2025 so may as well replace it, (SMTK2-345). I will replace it with the newer SMKTB-345 which I have ordered. Alarm system is 2 GIG/CP2, and works fine.

In reviewing my Insurance Certificate for monitoring I notice that the box for fire is not checked, yet I have had this detector for some time. Did I forget to advise Surety, or is fire monitoring not supported? The certificate I have was verified on 02/10/2016, signed by Ryan Boder. Once I install the new detector I would like to get this updated. Not sure if hit helps on Insurance rates but can’t hurt. Thanks

Monitoring certificates will show what you have connected to the system and monitored at that time it is checked. A certificate from 2016 certainly would be old and likely no longer valid for insurance companies I would assume. The certificate has been updated since then.

You can download a copy of your insurance certificate at any time on our website. Navigate to the subscriptions page here while logged in and view your active subscription. Click insurance certificate. This will display all relevant types of devices on the system.

Got it, thanks! Printed the latest version. I do not think my Insurance Company has ever asked for an update unless they do that back office.