Finally doing lights...

I’ve been a customer for a few years now and each year I add more to my system. Last year I did door locks and went with Schlage instead of the Yale - which I had issues with at first. I found out after the fact that I should have gotten the Yale’s via forum support (which is always great).


This year I want to add light switches into my system. I want to ask here FIRST about which to buy. Nothing fancy, just a few 2-way and maybe a 3-way light or two if that’s supported.

So, which light switches are the best these days?

Thanks again!

I can’t say what is best but I just added the GE 12727 z-wave switch. It took a few tries to delete and the add successfully to my z-wave network but has worked well the last few days.

For locks and thermostats, it will come down to which panel you are using and which firmware version you have for compatibility.

For lights, it is a little more relaxed, since they are very simple devices with fewer variations. Most if not all Z-wave on/off binary switches and dimmers should work fine.

The GE models are definitely a common go-to because they are good quality and you can buy them at local hardware/home improvement stores. I use the GE 12722 in my home.

Thanks - I’ll go with the GE ones. I’m using the 2Gig QC1 panels with the latest firmware. Is there any reason to go Z-Wave Plus? They’re actually cheaper, but that’s not always a good thing.

GE 12722 vs GE 14291

Z-wave Plus is only beneficial if the Controller supports it, but there is no detriment when the controller does not. The device simply uses classic Z-wave protocol.

Ok, one last question. If I have two switches for one light, I need a GE switch AND a GE Add-On switch or will the original second switch work?

You would need the GE Z-wave add-on switch