Feedback On New Yard Signs & Window Stickers

I am very appreciative of the window stickers and the Yard Signs that were sent to me.

I really like the new logo. It looks menacing. Almost like a cross between a radiation and bio hazard symbol. I also like the new green color. It really stands out.

I am sure you will agree that the #1 reason we get a alarm system is due to security. We use the yard signs and stickers in the hopes that people will be deterred.

I feel the new signs and stickers are more like advertisements than deterrents.

They currently say “Control, Connect, Protect”. I feel they should just say Protect, and the “protected By” lettering is too small. It should stand out more.

currently it seems like the stickers and signs tell people more about how your house is automated rather than aggressively protected. Think of all those alarm signs that used to say “Armed response” which actually is every system as police typically show up. But it was a deterrent.

I actually thought the old logo with the “eye” was pretty good, as it made it seem like the house was being watched at all times. “Security” was the first word.

I also feel that by taking off the phone number to the dispatch center it makes the company seem less legit and less of a a security company. I don’t know why the number was taken off. I doubt that there were a ton of calls going into dispatch by people calling the number off the signs and stickers?

The website address seems like a home automation store rather than a security center. Another reason for the phone number being listed and again supporting my feelings that these signs seem more like advertisements more than deterrents. Also, in a true emergency, it would be better to have the number someone could call vs the website

I hope you take this feedback and come up with a version 2 some day. A version that may deter criminals more.

Hi DD, Yes, we will absolutely take it into consideration the next time we’re updating yard signs. Thank you for the feedback!

I very much appreciate the gesture, as most companies charge extra for signs and stickers, and they look fantastic. That said, I won’t use them, because I feel that it’s unwise to advertise the type of system securing your home. Granted, a would-be intruder couldn’t determine the specific model from a Surety sign, but one could easily enough determine that it’s likely one of a few compatible wireless systems.

I prefer to use security signs (legitimate security signs!) of another company/system for purposes of misdirection. Granted, it’s unlikely that someone is going to bother researching your security system for vulnerabilities, but it is possible, particularly if you’re wealthy enough that your residence might invite more sophisticated criminals; hopefully, this strategy would confuse or surprise an intruder when the actual system encountered is not the one expected.

Note I have heard that in some jurisdictions where alarm permits are required, you may be fined for doing this, as the police may have difficulty contacting your security provider. I cannot comment on this, as permits are not required where I live. Ensure that you’re making an informed decision if you do this.

Has there been any updates as far as Surety changing the signs per the suggestions listed in this thread?

Currently, there are no plans on updating the signs/stickers however we are always looking for feedback and will certainly take it into consideration should a redesign come about.

We do still have the old yard signs. If you need more and would prefer those, feel free to send us a PM asking for them.

I really wish you would reconsider making small changes on the yard signs. The green color is awesome, the logo is awesome. It just reads more like an advertisement more than a deterrent warning.

Something that says it’s protected, armed response (as police are armed and so are many home owners), video surveillance, and leave out the automation part. Put a phone number too so it seems legit

FWIW, mine says “Monitored By…”, the security and automation company nor is even mentioned, just the monitoring company.

Not sure what “connecting” and “controlling” has to do with deterring criminals from attempting to break in. Again, the signs seem like advertisements more than strong deterrents

Thanks for following up here. I will make sure everyone sees this feedback and discuss with the team.

Does this topic ever come up in your meetings. Not asking for a major redisgn. Just some small changes in wording to make it more deterring.

Since signs are ordered in large quantities, I couldn’t speak to how often the need for more comes up but is a topic that is discussed and we do take feedback into consideration.

Every now and then, I like to check back on this topic and to see if new designs for deterrent signs and stickers are being considered. Didn’t realize the logo was a puppy dog at first. I’m not saying we need something like a shooting range silluoute with 15 rounds silluoute as a logo images, but something a little more deterring than a puppy dog face

This is something we’ve considered and discussed quite a bit over the years. We’ve tried to balance the needs of a variety of customers with different preferences.

There is a significant proportion of people who do not want a scary, threatening, or intimidating sign in front of their house. Many also don’t want something that stands out and draws too much attention, considering it an eyesore on their otherwise welcoming home. We found that some people (even if subconsciously) associate aggressive yard signs with less safe neighborhoods and don’t want to signal that in their own neighborhood.

The picture itself on the sign does not actually scare a potential intruder. It’s the message that the property is being monitored that’s a deterrent.

We settled on the rather distinct dog head logo which represents not just any dog but a pit bull, one of the most intimidating breeds, but in a less threatening way. We use the shield shape because it’s associated with police. We clearly say “protected by”. The forward-facing eyes imply that someone is watching. We use an earthy green color that fits with natural landscapes while still being noticeable, as opposed to a high-contrast color that really stands out like siren red or neon orange to avoid the eyesore problem.

A possible solution would be to have different signs that appeal to different preferences. The problem is that’s expensive for a not-so-huge company like ours. So we went with what seems to appeal to the largest portion of customers.

For those who feel the dog head isn’t intimidating enough, there are numerous more threatening looking yard signs available online. We don’t require you to use the ones we provide, or offer a “discount” (bribe) for using our yard sign like some companies do. We’re just trying to help make the most people happy.

I very much appreciate your perspective and feedback on this topic. We just have a lot to balance with how the sign looks.


I actually thought I was going to get blown off on this, and then your reply comes through. Thank you and this is why I have been a long-standing customer of Surety and recommend you to others.

I think a mistake companies make is they go to extremes on both ends. I think there is middle ground. I don’t want a sign with Pit Bulls, Gun shots on a silhouette target, a prisoner behind bars., Font with blood dripping off the letters. nor do I want a cute sign with puppies and rainbows.

I had no idea that was a pt bull on the current sign and doubt others do, nor care.

Why not something just Neutral . I liked the old signs with just they eye on it. Suggested the property is being watched. Something that does not reference DIY or home automation or connected home. Just something like “Surety Home Security” Sometimes, just good fonts and a simple neutral logo image is best as the “professionalism” is intimidating.

You could have a sticker that reads “armed response” (police that show up are armed) for the people that want that and they can add it. This would make it so that you did not have to produce two sets of signs.

The bottom line is the sign should function as a deterrent and you don’t need scary images on it to accomplish that.

Thank you so much for actively revisiting this topic

I think a happy middle ground is letting new customers simply opt out of getting the sign. I probably just would have saved Surety some money by letting them give my sign to someone else that will use it. I was very impressed with the sign, but I wont be deploying it. I left the previous alarm company sign out. Plenty of other signs to buy off Amazon.

For the longest time, I thought it was a dog with a rhino horn on the top of its head. I didn’t realize it was an ear until just this year lol.

I kind of like the current yard signs. It blends in with the ones from other brands (just look at ADT, Vivint, etc) while being distinct and well put-together. You have to remember that these are mostly advertising. For “deterrence,” I mostly rely on visible cameras with the perimeter guard. At night especially the IR blasters look pretty intimidating I think.

I agree with the other commenter that if you want something more intimidating, that can be found on Amazon. Stuff like stickers on windows that say “this entry is alarmed”, etc. I know that my HOA would probably be pretty angry, though, if I stuck a sign up outside that looked threatening in any way…