Feature: Unexpected Activity Notifications

The new Alarm.com unexpected activity alerts option provides security and convenience with auto-generated alerts for Gold users. The Alarm.com platform works in the background to analyze system data and learn a user’s normal activity patterns. The system can then notify users whenever unusual activity occurs in their home or business, such as when:
• The system is disarmed at an unusual time
• Someone opens a door or window that is normally closed
• A lock is unlocked when you are typically away
• Doors, windows or garage doors are left open at night

Users can also adjust the sensitivity level to receive fewer or more Unexpected Activity Alerts. For special days, such as snow days or holidays, you can also pause alerts for up to 24 hours.

To activate Unexpected Activity Alerts and manage settings, login to Alarm.com and visit the Notifications page.

That’s cool. Nice use of data mining and I’ll play with that a bit.