Feature Suggentin ADC notification

Can you suggest to ADC to allow a checkbox to re-notify you?

So if you left your garage door open, and your phone was on silent, you may get a vibration, but you may not feel it.

It would be great to be notified on certain triggers that you get notified at a specified interval until you dismiss the notification.

I have passed this along to ADC representatives.

I belive in the mean time you could create more than 1 iteration of the sensor left open notification, set for a different time (Ex. set the first one for 10 minutes open, the next for 20 etc.) if youi wanted to get additional reminders if you miss the first one.

nice stop gap solution!

But still would like it to keep going until I acknowledge it for certain sensors

Yeah i think its a good idea what you are proposing. Hopefuly its something that can be implemented.