Feature: Severe Weather Alerts

Severe Weather Alerts provides advanced warning of impending severe weather in your area.

Alarm.com tracks severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service and provides real-time alerts to users when a severe weather warning is issued near their system location. The alerts are delivered directly to the security alarm panel giving you additional time to seek protection from dangerous weather conditions.

Feature summary

  • Receive visual and audible notification of National Weather Service Severe Weather alerts in your area through Alarm.com-enabled security control panel
  • Alerts for tornados, tsunamis, or fires

Note: These are for Warnings, not Watches. Alerts are not sent for thunderstorms due to how common they are in the summer months. Hurricane alerts are not included because they have a large forecast window.

  • Available for all users with Home or Complete service plans.
  • Alerts can be silenced or paused using the Alarm.com website or app.

Panel compatibility

The following are panels are compatible with Severe Weather Alerts:

Panel Type Compatible Versions
2GIG EDGE Panel firmware version 1.1+
2GIG GoControl Panel firmware version 1.6+
2GIG GC2e All versions
2GIG GC3/GC3e All versions
DSC Impassa All versions
DSC PowerSeries Neo/Pro All versions
Interlogix Simon XT Panel firmware version 1.3+
Interlogix Simon XTi/XTi-5/XTi-5i All versions
Qolsys IQ Panel (IQ Panel/DSC Touch, IQ Panel 2, IQ Hub, IQ Panel 4, IQ4 Hub, IQ Pro) All versions

To enable or disable Severe Weather Alerts on your subscription, visit the system manager link here.