Faulty zone

First, thank you for your review. My alarm system is 11 years old and last evening a window in one of my zones was triggered and the alarm went off. In looking at each of the windows all appeared to be okay. Each window has a wired magnetic contact. One window’s contacts looked like it could be aligned better, so I adjusted it and all was well for 45 minutes until the alarm was triggered again. Do these magnetic contacts weaken or go bad ? I know my question is vague, but what would be the best method in determining where this problem lies (to call the service guy is going to cost me money I don’t have). Thanks

Do these magnetic contacts weaken or go bad ?

They can but it is pretty rare for one to do so. With no powered parts, and only one moving one, they are as simple as a senor can get. Usually the problem would be poorly aligned magnets, extra magnets installed which alter the magnetic field, or damage to the contact/wires, all of which would be visible.

Proper testing for wired contacts will require a resistance testing device like a multimeter, and will require opening of the panel box and removal of wires typically. If you have a currently monitored system I would not advise this and would strongly recommend contacting your security provider for assistance.

If your system is not monitored, how many windows are on that zone? Are you able to test the resistance of the circuit with all windows closed? What model of Alarm panel are you using?