False sensor status indication

I am just installing a new 2GIG system. When using a takeover module, that wirelessly routes wired door and window sensors, I have several windows that read opposite their true status. The panel indicates OPEN, when they are closed, and vice versa. As such, the panel thinks it’s ready to arm when the windows are open. I’m sure this is fixed by a simple tweak, but it so far evades me!

Additionally, is there a default toolbox password for the TS1?

Do you have all the zones for the takeover module on the correct loop? They should all be programmed in as loop 1 for a takeover module.

The toolbox password on the TS1 should just be your Master Code. However, you can only access the menu through Security->Menu->Toolbox. The little icon that you use on the Control Panel to access the installer toolbox does not work on the TS1. The only code that icon will accept is the Duress code, basically it’s just a secret panic button. Page four in this PDF describes it. http://2gig.com/pdf/product-info/2GIG_TS1_ii%20online.pdf