false panic alarm

A few nights ago, we were jolted awake at 4am by the panel’s alarm. Our Go Control panel had a police panic alarm triggered all on it’s own while everyone was asleep. Alarms were blaring, and monitoring was calling us to see if everything was okay.
How could this even happen? To hit the emergency panic button takes several steps including holding down the touch screen button for 3 seconds. My thoughts are that either the panel has failing hardware, or is vulnerable to some type of remote hack.
Are there known problems with this?
We have had glass break sensors trigger false alarms once or twice before (usually due to loud car driving by) but never a panic alarm triggered on the panel all on it’s own.

Looking at the history, it appears it was not the Go!Control Panel that initiated it, but Keypad 1 (a TS1).

This I’ve actually seen, though it is not necessarily a known issue as this is only the second occurrence (2GIG suggested it was likely due to signal interference during a supervision check).

The issue occurred previously on the same firmware being reported by your TS1.

I would recommend upgrading to 1.13 or 1.14.01.

I wasn’t aware my TS1 needed a firmware update, there’s no way (that I know of) to see what version it is currently on. The logo on the bottom-right corner of the screen doesn’t seem to do anything on the TS1.
I’ll update the firmware and hopefully that should fix it!

To clarify, make sure both the panel and TS1 are updated to the same firmware when you do the update.