False Alarms

I had a false alarm today I am trying to understand.

I came into house through the garage, which has a door contact on it (exit/entry 1). Before I disarmed the alarm, I went and opened the front door (also exit/entry 1) to let my daughter inside. The alarm went off shortly thereafter, but I don’t think I burned through the 30 second delay - I opened the door from the garage and immediately went and opened the front door thinking I had plenty of time still to disarm.

To clarify: You thought you were still well under the entry delay period from opening the first door or the second? The countdown will not reset from a second entry door opening.

Yes - The doors are just a few feet from one another. I came in through garage door, I didn’t set anything down or do anything else - I went straight for the front door and opened it. Upon doing so, alarm went off. I had intended to open front door, then go to panel and disarm.

I don’t think I burned 30 seconds. Is there any way to tell why an alarm occurred, like would it be logged somewhere that I did hit 30 second limit?

I do have a garage door tilt sensor - if the alarm countdown started there, then I would have run out of time. However, this sensor I have set to “no response type”.

Attached is a screenshot, don’t know if it will be helpful.

No response sensors do not impact the entry delay in any way.

I don’t think there is an explanation other than one of a couple things:

  1. 30 seconds went by since the first door registered open. What model of sensor is on that first door? Is it particularly sensitive? Does your door have enough play that if you pull or push on the handle without retracting the latch the sensor can trip?

  2. A perimeter sensor was tripped during the countdown.

Three sensors involved in the screenshot.

The two exit/entry sensors are the 2gig recessed door sensor. The motion detector is a Honeywell 5800PIR. Don’t know if this matters, but it was set to Interior with Delay.

I tried to recreate the events as they occurred with the stopwatch on my phone - 30 seconds flew by a lot faster than I thought. I’m thinking I need to up my entrace delay

Typically, you will want to set your motion detectors to interior follower, sensor group 4, then the sensor type should be motion.

Can you verify that you have the motion programmed as sensor group 10?

And yeah, I test sensors often, and 30 seconds is not an extremely long time. During the exit delay, you have notice of the last ten seconds due to the panel doubling its beeps. Entry delays do not have this, so it is harder to realize how much time has gone by.

My two motion detectors were set to sensor type contact :frowning: One was involved in this - I went from garage, tripped motion in foyer, then opened front door.

I was thinking there would be an ‘urgency’ to the beeps as I ran out of time to disarm, similar to exit delay. Thats why I didn’t think I’d burned through the 30 seconds yet.

Now the motion detectors say motion in the sensor list on alarm.com. I was wondering the other day why they said door/contact but didn’t look into it.