False alarms

Can someone please tell me why my motion sensors sporadically don’t allow a delay to enter the residence and disarm the alarm. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, the alarm sounds. It has come to the point of my family not even paying attention to the text notification because they know it is “just another false alarm”.

It happened just a bit ago if it provides any assistance.

Has this occurred with just one motion or multiple? Programming appears to be correct on the motion that triggered the alarm most recently.

This appears to be an intermittent issue based on firmware 3.2.0 on the 2GIG GC3 regarding motion detectors. More information on the topic and troubleshooting can be found here.

It appears that for some, removing and re adding the motion in question followed by a complete power cycle of the panel resolved the issue.

I have power cycled in an attempt to fix the issue. You are welcome to look back at all the alarms the last 6 months. They have all been related to the motion sensors.

The false alarm was earlier today. I did nothing in between that alarm and coming home later in the day but arm the system. This time I walked all over the house, in front of every motion, without setting it off.

It looks like the two times you are referring to were triggered by two separate door sensors. The alarm was after entry delay was triggered by zone 6, and it was almost at the same time as entry delay kicked in, so it may be an issue of timing.

The time later after a few hours was entry delay triggered by zone 7. How long after opening that zone would you typically walk in front of a motion?

They are both within seconds but obviously the door break will occur before the motion. Are you eluding to the possibility that the wireless signal of the motion is possible beating the wireless signal of the door, to the panel?

Not that exactly, but since we have seen this intermittently on a few systems but cannot reliably reproduce it, I am curious if the timing of the panel going into entry delay or any step of the software response to the door opening is perhaps a little slower on the newer firmware, so that immediate trips of motions after the door opens might trigger an alarm before the entry delay fully fires.

How can I help test?

One thing to try would be to only open the door a little bit, just enough to trigger the door sensor, but wait a few seconds before entering. Do you ever see the false alarm from the motion detector if you wait 5 seconds or so before walking in its line of sight?

I wish it was me causing the issue ???

I will try your suggestion.

Just happened again.

Another suggestion we’ve heard a report that may have an impact is setting the motion on a different Smart Area.

The 3.2 firmware introduced Partitions, which may or may not have had an impact with this bug, and one suggested work-around is to set the motion detector on Smart Area 2. Do you see the same activity if both areas are armed and you walk in?

Happened again today after removing and re-adding the motion detectors. I guess next step is to add the motions to another area? I think I know how to do that but then is there a special way the system has to be armed?

First confirm that Smart Areas is enabled, Go to the home screen and Tap System Settings.Enter the installer code -> Installer Toolbox -> System Configuration -> Panel Programming. Go to Question 69. Select Enabled and
Exit programming.

The “Smart Area” or partition can be chosen during panel programming of the sensor. In this case you would want to select S2.

You would arm/disarm the various partitions via the Smart Areas button on the home screen or via the mobile app.