False alarm issues with Motion Detectors

I have never been able to position my motion detector without it consistently false alarming once or twice a day. It is driving me nuts and also must always set the system to “stay” not “away”.

I’ve tried it in about 4 locations in my front room, pointing toward and away from windows, etc. We also have no AC or fans on. I do have 2 dogs 30 + 50 lbs but don’t think that they are setting it off. No luck. Any ideas?

It is not impossible to have a malfunctioning device, but environmental factors are much more likely. When it comes to pets, weight is not the primary issue. Manufacturers offer a weight measurement to easily identify what would generally work, but the detectors are susceptible to the height of objects. So, even if the dog was 30 lbs, if it can jump up on a couch or chair or other piece of furniture within view of the detector, it will cause false alarms. This is the reason that cats so often cause problems.

Positioning the detector away from furniture items that are commonly used by the dogs should help eliminate false alarms, if this is the underlying factor.