Failed Device

I have an indicator on my garage door lock that shows it is a failed device… Potentially the batteries? It is a Yale keypad z wave deadbolt version.


Your panel or reporting a Zwave lock as a failed device indicates your panel is having trouble communicating with it.

Yes, it may indicate the battery level is too low for proper function. It may also indicate a general signaling problem with your lock. In general, locks require more assistance from other repeating devices, like Zwave Light Modules, than other types of devices due to range.

How far is the lock from the primary control panel and how many Repeating devices are between it and the panel?

Thank you. Lock is very close to primary control panel… about 12 ft away…

How many locks do you have on this system?

It would be recommended to first replace the batteries in the lock. Always replace all four batteries at the same time.

When you do, run a Network Rediscovery at your Alarm panel. Are you able to then send remote commands?

1 lock and yes to remote commands

Sorry, re read your message. I thought you asked if I currently could run remote commands.

So your lock otherwise communicates but is showing as a failed device?

Do you notice any significant delay in commands taking effect or do they run as normal?

Replaced the batteries and that took care of it. Thanks!