factory reset on qolsys panel

I recently bought a home with an existing Qolsys panel/installation. Model IQPanel-VRZ. however it appears the master and installer codes have been changed. The previous owner did not leave a base code or any others to get in.

Is there a procedure to reset it back to factory default?



There is a factory reset option, but unfortunately a factory reset on the Qolsys IQ Panel must be performed through the UI using a code.

Getting started with a remote service provider will allow the remote provider such as suretyDIY to alter the installer code remotely, giving you access. All suretyDIY users have access to and maintain their own codes.

How to get started with suretyDIY with an existing Qolsys panel can be found here.

Typically a cell phone test run from the panel is required to kick start communication, but if the panel had previously been connected to Alarm.com there is a good chance that we can kick start communication with a few commands if you are unable to run the test.

So from this message…

Sorry, your Alarm.com cellular module xxxxxxxxxxxxx can not currently be used with a new Alarm.com account. This module is no longer supported. Due to its age and inactivity, it will no longer be able to communicate on the carrier network.

Means I can’t go further with this equipment and need to replace or upgrade. Correct?


Unfortunately yes. I’ve not seen that message on a Qolsys panel yet, but it is referring to the fact that the carrier network has deactivated the cellular communicator in that panel due to sustained lack of usage.

This is done to ensure old or discontinued stock is not being sold as new.

On the Qolsys IQ Panel, unfortunately the cellular communicator is not replaceable. A new panel would be required. The Qolsys IQ Panel uses GE 319.5 sensors. There is a DSC touch model which uses DSC sensors instead, so it would be good to double check the model number of a couple sensors at the home to determine the radio in use.

You could then use those existing wireless sensors with a new panel. What model of sensors do you have?