External Sensor


I am wondering if there is an external zwave motion sensor available that works with 2gig. Basically, I am wanting to know if a devices starts up which causes the motion sensor to shake. I just wanted to be alerted or notified. Thanks again for your input.


2Gig compatibility with Zwave is limited to automation devices such as locks, switches, and thermostats. There may be a security sensor that would fit your need, but motion detectors typically operate as passive infrared detectors (looking for a change in heat signature). Shock sensors are typically designed to notice sharp impacts, not a general rumbling.

What kind of device are you looking to monitor? There may be other ways of detecting its operation.

I am trying to see if a generator does a self-test successfully or not. Basically, it should detect the heat signature when it is on. I just want to be notified when this happens and I figured this something that 2gig should be able to handle. Thanks again for your help.

2GIG doesn’t have a sensor like that out of the box. You would need to get creative and find a normally closed wired sensor that will work in you application and wire it to a 2GIG wired sensor input. 2GIG has 2 wired sensor inputs on the back of the panel and some 2GIG wireless sensors such as the thin door/window contact and the re201 also have wired inputs. You would have to keep the wiresless sensor inside and run a wire out to the generator.