External contact

I’m setting up a couple of the RE101 sensors with my IQ Panel 2 system. One of them is going to be connected to an external overhead door contact. I have existing external contacts from my previous alarm system and they are Seco-Larm SM-226L-3Q. They are 3 wire so they can be set up as Normally Open or Normally Closed.

First question - will these contacts work? Second question is what configuration should I use? I always thought alarm stuff was NC but now I am second guessing myself for some reason.

Thanks in advance.

Happy to help! Any standard security contact could be used along with the wired input, that sensor would be fine.

You would use the NC (normally closed) contacts on the 226L and wire them to the appropriate terminals on the RE101. There are two separate inputs which share a middle common. One input shares a zone with the reed switch. The other is a separate zone just for the input. The zone is determined by how you learn in the sensor. See more info in the manual here.

Thanks. I ordered the RE101’s from you guys earlier this week as I am trying to trouble shoot a dropped signal issue. Might add the RE524X later if needed but the strength on these RE101’s seems to be much better than the Qolsys QS1137-840 just out of the box.

Thanks again.