Exterior Cameras

We want to install 2 external video cameras. What external video cameras are compatible with our 2GIG system?

What do I need to buy to do this?

Cameras do not directly communicate with the 2GIG Alarm panel.

Instead, if you are looking to integrate video into your Alarm.com services through suretyDIY, you would want to use Alarm.com IP Video Cameras along with the Cloud Video service add-on. You can read about service plan add-ons near the bottom of this page.

If interested in adding Alarm.com Cloud Video, please email customerservice@suretyDIY.com.

Compatible outdoor cameras would be the ADC V721W, the ADC V720W, and the ADC V720. We are as of this post out of stock on the outdoor models, but they are available from many sources.

What about 2GIG-CAM-250P: Outdoor Mini-Dome HD Camera?

That is not listed in Alarm.com compatibility list at this time, but that is a good question.

I believe that camera to be a one-off if I remember correctly. Uses a 2GIG designed app and just stores video on an SD card internally.

That’s not to say Alarm.com wouldn’t use it in the future, I can see if any plans on that can be shared.

Hi, new to the forum. Have had our Frontpoint system for about a year now, with about 20 sensors. I know this post is old, but I am looking to add cameras to my Frontpoint account and am looking at all options. Do we know if the 2GIG-CAM-250P is compatible with Frontpoint/Alarm.com? I like the mini-dome/IR/1080p features. The ADC line still seems to be lacking. Any update to their camera line anyone can share?


This thread goes over compatible Alarm.com cameras, including some newer models like the ADC-VC725.

The 2GIG-CAM-250P is not compatible. However if you use a different provider I would be sure to contact them to determine what your service plan supports, as we could not assist with that.

Thanks, I did see that thread, although for some reason I didn’t see the VC725 model until you pointed it out. I am on the highest service plan that allows video cameras to be added.


although for some reason I didn’t see the VC725 model until you pointed it out.

Not a problem, I actually had that added here, just noticed it wasn’t listed.

The latest models are going to be the -25’s and the -22’s